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  • Adapteur510 OLC d'Evolv
  • Batterie18650 or 18350 (non fourni)
  • ChipsetDNA60 d'Evolv
  • DiamètreJusqu'à 24mm
  • Puissance0-60W
  • Taille18650 (71x38x24mm) / 18350 (41x38x24mm)
  • Type de modElectronique
  • Limited to only 11 pieces per color in the world and with a lifetime warranty, the Stratum Balance is a unique boxing set that is prized by lovers of vape. With Evolve's DN60 chipset, you'll be able to regulate power up to 60W maximum as well as advanced features for temperature control. It's powered by a 18650 (not included) or 18350 (not included) battery. You'll be able to switch between the two batteries simply and easily using the replacement cap (supplied with the Stratum Balance). You're free to choose the atomizer of your choice from 22 to 24mm with the Evolve OLC connector. You got it, this mod is powerful, simple and a rarity not to be missed! So grab the dream and get this limited edition!
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